Submit by 11/15 for consideration in next issue

Since publishing our premiere issue in August, we have had a busy couple of weeks including a hugely successful launch party, a debriefing on the premiere issue followed by an editorial meeting and a design meeting. We've made a couple of changes around here. Yes, now there's a small submission fee. We wavered on this for a bit, and ultimately decided that charging a small fee does a couple of things:

  1. it helps keep submissions coming from writers who are serious enough about their work that they don't shrug off at a mere $6.29
  2. it establishes reciprocal support, as in we here at UTGT support writers and storytelling by publishing creative work and those who create the work support our endeavor with a small fee

Now we're ready to get cranking on the next issue.

We even have a full publication schedule for 2012. Although we accept continual submissions, the deadline to be considered for the next issue deadline is November 15.

We look forward to your stories told without shame!