Up and Running on LitRagger!

A-K2CxCCIAI6jq7.jpg largeThe new LitRagger app launched on December 2nd, 2012, but it had our attention weeks before that. "LitRagger gathers the best small press literature has to offer into one convenient space," reads the main page of their website.  For weeks we waited with bated breath for Under The Gum Tree to become a part of that great classification, and on the morning of December 17th we were up and running.  Founders Adam and Robert proudly shared on twitter that Under The Gum Tree made it in as the first exclusively nonfiction journal, which was exciting news, but we would have been just as happy to have been the hundredth just as long as we were able to be a part of their amazing new community. Check out the app on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and support Under The Gum Tree, LitRagger and other amazing journals, all while relaxing with wonderful new stories.