announcing TrueStory, a nonfiction reading series & open mic

TrueStoryTagTrueStory is Sacramento's first nonfiction reading series and open mic, featuring real people reading real stories live. The kick-off launch will be at the Crocker Art Museum on Thursday, April 25 at 6:30 p.m. The theme for this event is Remembering 1963 & Civil Rights. The deadline to submit for this event is 3/31/13. The series will have a soft launch on Thursday, February 21 at 8 p.m. There is no theme for the soft launch. We are currently accepting submissions for both the kick-off event and soft launch.

Anyone from Sacramento and surrounding areas is encouraged to submit! Here are the submission guidelines:

Do you have a nonfiction story that is best when read aloud?

TrueStory is the place for you. A nonfiction reading series, TrueStory seeks submissions that are no longer than 12 minutes when read aloud.

Stories should be personal. You may be relating a story that isn’t necessarily something that happened to you first hand, but you should absolutely tie in your own personal experience to the story. You may want to share about 9/11 even if you weren’t at Ground Zero when it happened — so, how did the event affect you?

Think The Moth.

We are absolutely looking for excellent stories. Beyond that we are looking for excellent readers.

Stories will be selected after the curators both read and hear them.

TrueStory is a quarterly event, happening in February, April, July and October 2013.

The deadline to be considered for February is 2/10/13.

Submit your written story here. After we read the submissions, authors of stories that we think might be a good fit may be asked to also submit a video or audio recording.