Today Antarctica, Tomorrow The World

As a digital publication Under The Gum Tree has the possibility of being enjoyed anywhere in the world. We have subscribers from Switzerland, Romania, Portugal and many other countries, but we didn't realize how far our magazine had gone, until we received this email from one of our recent contributors, Renée D'Aoust.

Hi, Janna,

This photo is very low quality, but I asked my middle brother if he would take your fantastic UNDER THE GUM TREE down to Antarctica with him. Thought you might get a kick out of this.

Here's the evidence your wonderful journal has made it down to the ICE!

P1050061 Thanks so much for all you do on behalf of words and writers of words.

Under The Gum Tree has made it farther than we ever imagined it would, but that is the great thing about publishing: You never know where you'll end up!