UTGT Now Accepting Sponsors & Other Ways to Support the Mag

tugboat_logo_full_darkRunning a literary magazine is often a labor of love. No one I know ever does it to get rich, and no one I know gets rich doing it. Even writers and artists submit to literary magazines as a labor of love, because they want to gain some exposure for their work no matter what--no matter that most of the time they don't get paid for that work. It's always been one of my goals to some day pay Under the Gum Tree contributors and staff. We are coming up on our third anniversary this year (in October) and, while that is still a goal, we are sadly still a ways away from reaching that goal. So how does UTGT make it?

Currently our revenue from subscribers and submissions (yes, we do charge the nominal and controversial submission fee) covers our costs of producing the magazine (not including staff time) and we break even. At least we're not losing money, right? But until our subscriptions and submissions increase enough to put us in the black I have been trying to get creative with other ways to generate revenue.

Enter Tugboat Yards.

Tugboat Yards helps digital publishers find their true fans, establish new revenue streams, and foster meaningful relationships with their supporters. Read more about the Tugboat Yards mission on their about page.

With Tugboat Yards, not only can Under the Gum Tree continue to sell subscriptions and back issues, but also we can offer sponsorships and other options--and smaller price points--for people who want to support us. This means that maybe a subscription is a bit too much for your wallet right now, but you really like what Under the Gum Tree is all about--no worries, you can support us with a $5 tip and we'll send you a sticker or a button. How cool is that?

Likewise, if you're a fellow publisher or are part of a literary organization whose mission and vision is complementary to the UTGT mission, then we can partner on an issue with one of our sponsorship offers. You can sponsor the issue as a publisher, which means you get to write a two-page publisher's letter, you get your logo on the back cover of the magazine, you get your name listed as publisher on the masthead, and you get a one-year digital+print subscription.

You can also sponsor an issue as an editor-at-large, which is ideal of other publishers, small presses or agencies who work with writers of nonfiction that they'd like to see featured in a magazine like UTGT. You get to partner with us on one issue to help decide on some of the content, you get your name listed on the masthead as editor-at-large and you get a 1-year digital+print subscription.

Under the Gum Tree is still a fledgling magazine, working hard to find its way in the world and Tugboat Yards is helping us to do that. We're experimenting with the Tugboat offers and I welcome both support and feedback. If there's something you'd like to see us offer, please don't hesitate to drop me an email.

Check out Under the Gum Tree's Tugboat page and please share with your social networks, family and friends. And, as always, thank you for your support--it is what makes it possible for Under the Gum Tree to continue to publish visual art and nonfiction stories told without shame.