A Brand New Issue of Under the Gum Tree for Your Summer Enjoyment

Summer has officially begun and to celebrate the new season Under The Gum Tree is bringing you an entirely new issue. Filled with featured stories, stories from our departments of Fork and Spoon, Sound Track, Stomping Ground and 1000 Words, there is a medley of reading to enjoy for everyone. Under The Gum Tree seeks to reach every individual on his or her own personal level -- whether you enjoy adventuring, discovering something new or finding others out there with stories like your own, Under The Gum Tree has something to captivate you. And of course our issues wouldn't be complete without the lovely aesthetics you see on the cover. Binding the whole thing together we have stunning artwork and a photo essay dispersed throughout the issue's pages. If all that isn't convincing enough for you to commit, here is a sneak peak from "How to Pack a Suitcase" by Patrick Kindig:

Put it off

"Put it off as long as you can. Wait until you have finished your last dinner and your roommate has left for a last walk, then look through the bedroom doorway at your suitcase and tell yourself that you have to start. Do not go into the bedroom. Go into the living room instead.
Look at the ugly green couch where your roommate likes to nap, the coffee table that can be cranked up and down, the cabinet full of crystal wine glasses. Look at the yellow wallpaper and the window ledge on which you sometimes sit and read. Remember that your landlady, who lives upstairs and is as old and tough as forgotten Halloween candy, helped rebuild this house after the war. Go to the closet in the hallway filled with German translations of Shakespeare and detective novels and consider taking one of her books as a souvenir. Do not take one. Look through the bedroom doorway. Return to the living room...
Dig through the contents of your suitcase, which is already half full of souvenirs and books. Notice that there is not much left for you to do. A handful of shirts, a few pairs of shorts, a toothbrush, a sweater—this is all that holds you in this apartment. Stuff these things into your suitcase and realize that now nothing holds you here—nothing but your roommate and a few unopened beers in the fridge. Consider how neatly your life fits into a bag. Leave the suitcase open. Pretend this means something."

To read Kindig's full story and those from Lucy Black, Robert Freedman, Rachel LowranceJustine IckesJanna Marlies Maron, and Chelsea Schott, purchase your summer issue here.  

We hope you take as much pleasure in the stories and artwork as we do.