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Under the Gum Tree 3-year Anniversary Reading + 10 More Days of No-Fee Submissions

So, you missed the online anniversary reading which happened live from our humble studio last week. Well don't sweat it, reader! You can still watch every minute of it below. We had fun, as did our readers, and you can to, just click play or follow this link to view the video on YouTube.


We were pleased to hear from Mary Collins, Lesley HowardJ.J. Anselmi, Kate Washington, Brigitte Bowers, Jonny Blevins and Wendy Williams. Who woulda' known Mary has such a beautiful accent? Or that Brigitte could evoke so much laughter? These details are the tiny nuances we get to witness and share when experiencing events such as live readings. They bring us together, and especially in a technologically-driven age, keep us human and connected.

No-Fee Submissions

Apart from the anniversary reading, we're still honoring our promise to waive the submission fee for the entire month of October. But you better hurry and submit before that window ends on the 31st and before the winter deadline of November 1 approaches!

Mini Q&A With Featured Artists

One last thing we want you to keep your eyes open for are our Meet the Artist interviews we started sharing this week. If you follow us on any of our social media platforms, facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, then you will catch visual snippets of the artwork inside this issue and a quick one-question Q&A from the respective artist. So far Anna Ladd and Allen Forest have given us some compelling responses. To see one of ours and Allen's sample interviews click here. As for Meet the Author interviews, we'll have a new one to share within the coming week!