Under the Gum Tree Magazine Announces Four 2014 Pushchart Prize Nominations

2015CoverHomeToday is the postmark deadline for submitting 2014 Pushcart Prize nominations, one of the most coveted literary prizes. It's particularly special for magazines like us, because the award is for "little magazines and small presses," of which we are definitely one. And, it's particularly special for Under the Gum Tree this year because it is our first time nominating. The Under the Gum Tree editors are proud to announce our 2014 Pushcart Prize Nominations:

"Something to do With Baldness," by Laurie Easter, January 2014

"Long Play," by Katy Sargent, April 2014

"How to Pack a Suitcase," by Patrick Kindig, July 2014

"Promises Like Piecrust," by Kate Washington, October 2014

The competition for this prize is fierce, and the UTGT editors would like to recognize the accomplishment of these four writers regardless of the outcome of this nomination. We look for stories that explore the truth and meaning in our life experiences with a vulnerability that rejects the shame that society often thrusts upon us, and we have been honored by the stories of these writers who fearlessly embody our motto: Tell stories without shame.

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