gum tree


What's a Gum Tree?

Yes, there is a method to our madness; a reason for our rhyme. But we aren't going to tell you yet.

What fun would it be if we gave all our secrets away? There'd be no anticipation. No mystery. And, frankly, we enjoy the build up. So get excited. You'll learn what the heck a gum tree is soon enough.

For now, all you need to know is that Under the Gum Tree is a place for sharing stories without shame. We're tired of the same old game of putting on a show. Living a story and telling it without shame is about yanking down that curtain that so many of us hide behind. You know, all our shit happens back stage, and once we are primped and composed, we enter the stage and make a beautiful -- contrived -- performance.

Not here. Not Under the Gum Tree.