peter grandbois


announcing our premiere issue!

Yes, it's finally here: the premiere issue of Under the Gum Tree! There's a preview here on our site -- head on over to the premiere issue page; there's a digital pdf that you get if you sign up for our newsletter; there's also a print copy that you can order via MagCloud. Get a copy, eat it up and let us know what you think by dropping us an email.

What's in the first issue? We're featuring stories from Peter Grandbois, Kate Washington and Alexa Mergen, and photography from Mazzarello Media & Arts and Jeannine Mengel. These stories explore a myriad of topics from the disenchantment of growing up in the suburbs, losing a loved one, losing oneself and dealing with the unexpected (sometimes unwanted) that life throws at us.

There's even one piece that give you a glimpse of the gum tree's origin. So sign up for our newsletter or order a hard copy and enjoy!