11/25 Submission Deadline

Thank you to everyone who supported us through our one-year anniversary and fifth issue. Now that it's behind us, we must move forward towards the next issue. Everyone has a story to tell so please send us yours before November 25 (11/25) to be considered for the sixth issue, which will publish in January 2013. When submitting please keep in mind what we look for in a  story:

reveal authentic vulnerability. These are stories that you’re embarrassed or afraid to share because you’re more worried about how people you know will react than what you learned and how it changed you. Those are the most powerful stories because you’re risking something for the sake of helping someone else.

provoke conversation. The stories that are the hardest to tell inevitably make at least one person say, “Wow. Me too. And I thought I was the only one.” The stories that are the hardest to tell give others permission to tell their hard stories, and it perpetuates a cycle of storytelling.

examine a universal truth. Most people keep the hard stories to themselves out of fear — fear of how others will react or judge them — but once a story gets shared, we finally realize how common the human experience really is. Sure, everyone’s individual experience is unique. (Isn’t that what makes a good story?)  But we can always relate to things like love, forgiveness, perseverance — you know, the stuff that everyone encounters no matter their circumstances.

Read more about the topics we consider in our guidelines

We can't wait to read your stories.