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lingering, lounging, & listening

Letter from the Editor

July is my favorite month of the year and summer is my favorite season. I think I probably say that in the editor’s letter every July, but I can’t help myself. This is the time of year when I feel most alive and energized, and when it rolls around all I can think about is how wonderful it is to have longer days, wear less clothing, and to not be so damn cold all the time!

This summer, and really this whole year, I’m also thinking more intentionally about my personal creative practice, which has been neglected for a while. It happens to all of us, I’m sure, and for me it’s usually the result of additional stress, schedule constraints, and the need to prioritize my health. It’s not easy to be faced with the reality that I don’t have the same energy and stamina that I had ten years ago,  and it’s not a result of getting older (though sometimes I do wonder if that is part of it).

I’m definitely not one to let the status quo keep me in a rut, so I take action to make changes that suit me and my creative needs.  Like, taking personal writing retreats on weekends that work for me instead of trying to make my schedule and life conform to a program that someone else arranges. Like, attending an organized writing workshop when—and only when—it’s at a convenient time and location for me.

Taking action to create change in my own life just might be the driving force that keeps me coming back to telling and sharing true stories. Writing my own story, regardless of whether it becomes public or not, is the single most healing act I’ve experienced in my life. Not only does it help me to process and make sense of experiences that I can’t figure out right away, but it’s also a way to take a painful or traumatic experience and turn it into something beautiful.

That same drive brings me back to the stories we publish in these pages. It’s my small way of creating a space where others feel safe and supported, and can share their own stories and my hope is that in doing so they find the kind of healing that I have found.

Whether exploring the influence of a faraway place, investigating a complicated athletic pursuit, meditating on a mysterious state of being, or contemplating reaching a milestone age, I truly believe there is always healing to be found in telling and sharing your personal story. And I trust you’ll find and experience your own sense of healing, no matter how minor, in these pages. Take your time with them; with these long summer days, there is plenty of time to be had for lingering, lounging, and listening.


   Here's to telling stories without shame, 


    Janna Marlies Maron
    Editor & Publisher

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