Under the Gum Tree Print+Digital Subscription, $7/mo or $80/yr

Under the Gum Tree is a digital, literary micro-magazine published and delivered quarterly. For a sample issue, download a complimentary copy of our premiere issue.

Featuring creative nonfiction from writers all over the world, UTGT also features photographic and visual artist narratives that share the same urgency of written storytelling. Elegant and powerful, Under The Gum Tree takes the old idea of literary magazines to the next level in publishing. You will enjoy turning the fine pages of your print copy in a private nook at home or favorite coffee shop. On the go? Your digital subscription will live in your reading device so that you instantly enhance and elevate your life no matter where you happen to be.

What do I get for my $7?

A lot, actually:

  • 4 digital copies (regularly $7.99 per issue), emailed directly to you
  • 4 print copies (regularly a minimum of $19.99 per issue), mailed directly to you
  • advance notice of special offers and discounts
  • the satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting artists and writers across the country (and even internationally)

So why should I subscribe?

Under the Gum Tree is a reader supported magazine dedicated to supporting writers and artists. Your subscription allows us to not only showcase the some of the best writers, photographers, and visual artists, but also to cover the costs of doing so. Artistry needs patronage and we need you. You will explore each issue with the satisfaction that you have help create a thing of beauty along with people of purpose and passion.


Under the Gum Tree Print+Digital Subscription

$7/mo or $80/yr


2017 Holiday Special - Give a Gift. Get a Gift!

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